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LIFE is a Whovian adventure game, fan-made, freely released and set in the Doctor Who universe. You are some sort of sapient species, recently evacuated to an asteroid base where rebels aligned with the mysterious Good Dalek plot to overthrow the might of the evil Dalek Empire. Your aim is to strike back against the Daleks using whatever skills, spaceships, and sandwiches life puts at your disposal!

On your way, you'll be able to explore an open-world, lovingly crafted setting with multiple planets to visit, asteroids to dodge, card games to play, robots to pilot, mazes to explore, a snarky text parser, and everything else you'd expect from an adventure game. You'll meet a range of DW aliens as well - draconians, sontarans, foamasi, adipose, silurians, even these weird ape-descendants called "humans" got in there somehow...

I hope you enjoy the game!

Whilst I'll try and look at the comments on itch.io occasionally, it's not a reliable way to reach me. Please instead submit bug reports and feature requests on the game's Exilian forum, here:

(Usual disclaimer: Doctor Who and all related concepts are owned by the BBC. I make no claim to own any of the BBC's concepts that are used or referenced in this game.)


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woah cool too bad there isnt a linux port.

I could probably make one if you're interested... I can't remember if the python files are bundled with the download, but it should just be a case of running it directly from them and maybe stripping out the sound module which uses windows systems. Sadly I don't have a Linux testing machine available.

well id be great if u could 

you dont have too but if u can that would be great

Error while launching. Dug through the text file,  found this error and crash message.

[2018-04-12 @ 06:56:30.880] [launch] error while launching 27e49fbb-7ca1-45c2-a124-b9755f15f03c: spawn EPERM
[2018-04-12 @ 06:56:30.883] [launch] crashed with spawn EPERM

Hi there! Thanks for the report. What operating system & version are you using to run the game?

- JMB.